The New Roof Is Installed!

Day #130

June 11, 2020 – The metal was delivered yesterday. Our roofing contractor, D&N Construction, is on site today. So let the installation begin!

Lifting Metal Panels
Lifting the metal panels up to the roof.

The roofers had a three man crew. There was one guy on the ground lifting the metal panels up and two guys on the roof placing and fastening the panels. They showed up around 8:00 AM, took a small break at noon and completed by 3:00 PM. No fooling around with these guys.

Metal Roof Installation
Progress along the porch side of the cottage.

After 70 years, it is understandable that the cottage is out of square. This was not a surprise to me. To make up for the difference, the new panels slightly staggered at the bottom edge. If I didn’t tell you that they are staggered you would never know.

New Roof Backside
New roof on the backside of the cottage.

We left the old shingles on part of the existing roof. The new material warranty requires a layer of protective underlayment between the shingles and the new panels. This underlayment goes over the shingles just before the metal panels.

New Roof Closet Bump Out
Covering the closet bump out.
Roof complete on the backside of the cottage.

After the completion of the metal panels, snow and ice rails follow. Fascia trim completes the installation.

Porch Side
New roof complete on the porch side.

This is a major milestone for our cottage renovation project!. We are permanently dried in under a shiny new roof. Halleluiah!

Next up, seamless gutters and downspouts, furring strips for the porch ceiling installation and electric rough in for the new porch ceiling fans.

South Side Soffit Installation – Day 4

Day #127

June 7, 2020 – Yesterday I made it around the south west corner with the soffit. Today I am working on the south side soffit installation. I tried to get an early start so I can make it around the south east corner.

Amerimax Vented Soffit
Just me, a square, my tin snips and a coffee.

The south side has the closet bump out. As I proceed around the closet I will have to create two inside corners. This is more intricate and takes a little more time to do.

Corner Detail - South Side Soffit Installation
Corner detail at the closet bump out.
Closet Bump Out - South Side Soffit Installation
Working around the closet bump out.

With the soffit complete around the closet bump out I continue towards the south east corner. Thankfully, the electric service entrance LB fitting is below the line of the J channel and the soffit.

South East Cotner
South side soffit installation, working towards the south east corner.
East Side Scaffold
Soffit and scaffolding on the east side.

Near the end of the day I rounded the south east corner and continued up the east side until I reached the bird nest and the family of birds that took up residence under the overhang.

Bird nest and baby birds on the under the east side overhang.

Clearly this is the result of some bad parenting decisions. Since I couldn’t bring myself to relocate this unlucky bunch peepers I called it quits for the day. We have to head back home tonight to take care of some chores but we’ll be back in a day or so.

The new metal roofing is scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, June 9th and the roofers are supposed to start on Wednesday the 10th. If everything goes as planned the cottage will have a new roof by the end of next week!

West Side Soffit Installation – Day 3

Day #126

June 6, 2020 – Continued from yesterday, the soffit installation goes up and down each gable rake on the west end of the cottage and around the corner to the south side.

West Side - Gable Rake
Soffit installation on the west side of the cottage.
Old Vent Opening
Framing in the old vent opening.

As I approach the roof ridge, I frame in, close up and cover the old vent opening with building wrap. In the photo below the soffit installation proceeds up the northern gable rake. The J Channel has been installed on the southern gable rake.

Old Vent Opening Closed
Old vent opening framed in and soffit J channel in place.

With the soffit done on the southern gable rake, the installation rounds the corner and continues on the south side of the cottage. This is existing overhang that for years, has been exposed with no soffit.

South Side Soffit
Soffit installation on the south side.

The soffit on two sides are is now complete. The south side will take a little longer as I have to work around the rhododendrons you see above. This will be tomorrows goal.

Aluminum Soffit and PVC Beam Wrap – Day 2

Day #126

June 5, 2020 – Aluminum soffit installation continues on the north side of the cottage I framed a two foot overhang along the new porch roof to give us a little more protection from the elements. My baker scaffold makes the installation process easier.

Soffit - North Side
Soffit on the north side along the cottage roof.

The installation of PVC trim boards and J Channels on the porch beams precede the soffit.

Soffit - Porch Roof
Aluminum soffit installation complete along the north side.

The porch roof has a shallow pitch so I decided against framing a tradition “Bird Box” at the corner. Instead I turned up the J Channel and aluminum soffit before it reached the gable end. This allows the soffit to make a smooth transition and proceed up along the gable rake. You can see this in the photo below and also in this photo, No Bird Box.

Soffit - North West Corner
Soffit installation turns the north west corner.
Soffit - West Side
West side soffit installation along the new porch roof.

The soffit on side one is complete. Hang in there we are on the way to a new roof!

Vented Aluminum Soffit Installation Begins

Day #125

June 01, 2020 – Over the next several posts I will be installing vented aluminum soffit under the roof overhang. The soffit runs all the way around the cottage. I will try to keep the posts short and hopefully you won’t be bored to death.

During the normal sequence of construction, the soffit installation proceeds the fascia covering. Therefore, if I complete the soffit before the Metal Roofing Contractor arrives they will be able to complete the roofing and the fascia without having to leave. This gets them in and out without delay.

Here we go…. from the north east corner in a counter clockwise direction.

First up, I install a couple of sections of PVC trim boards on the exposed porch beams. We choose Royal Building Products PVC trim for our beam wrap. Next, I fasten Aluminum J Channel to the trim boards. Then I started the the soffit installation.

Soffit Installation
North east corner of the porch roof.
Vented Aluminum Soffit
Vented aluminum soffit, J channel and PVC beam wrap.
New Soffit
Vented aluminum soffit.

This weekend, we stayed at the cottage an extra day so I could start the soffit. I am happy that we did. It is starting to really look good.

Next up, more soffit installation…

Metal Roof Pricing – 2nd Contractor

Day #117

May 1, 2020 – Last Sunday I met with the first roofing contractor. Today, I have an appointment to meet with Sam Fisher of Fisher’s Roofing. We are to meet this morning at 8:30 AM. This is the second roofing contractor that we have solicited for pricing to furnish and install a metal roof on the cottage.

I made a stop at Sheetz but I arrived at the cottage at 8:21 AM. The river was way up to the bottom of the Boob on the Boob Tree. I had to knock down another Robbin’s Nest. It had two eggs in it. I feel bad but they need to find some place else to nest. Stop making bad parenting decisions!

Another Bird Nest
We have another Robin’s nest.
Bird's Nest
Unfortunately, I had to knock it down.
Boob Tree
High water on the river at the Boob Tree.

Sam was a no show at 8:30. I called him at 9:06 AM to see if he was even coming. Of course I got his voice mail.

At that point I was ready to leave but I decided to wait until 9:15 to give him the benefit of the doubt. At 9:15 AM Fisher called me back. He said the he was running an hour behind but he would be there in 15 to 20 minutes. Fisher rolled in about 9:35 AM. He had two children and some other guy with him.

Sam went up on the roof and took the measurements that he needed. We chatted about soffit, fascia, gutter and downspouts. He told me that he would figure furring strips on the back half of the roof because the shingles were still on. Sam said that he could do soffit and fascia but not gutters and downspouts. He is going to email me the pricing for the metal roof on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Despite being late it was a productive meeting. After they left I headed back home. Rob and I are coming back down tomorrow to work.

Metal Roof Pricing Begins – 1st Contractor

New Porch - Metal Roof

Day #116

April 26, 2020 – Today I traveled to the cottage to meet with D&N Construction. D&N is the first roofing contractor that we are soliciting for a price on furnishing and installing metal roof on the cottage. I will get at least three prices before making the final decision. It is exciting to be at the point where we can begin this process.

Dustin and his young son arrived promptly at 9:30 AM. They both climbed on the roof and measured it up. Dustin had several questions on the roof construction and remaining shingles.

When they finished measuring we talked about soffit, fascia, gutters and downspouts. D&N does not do gutters and downspouts but they provided me with a contact number for Spouting Unlimited. Soffit they will do on a time and material basis, it’s out choice. I requested they provide a quote on the Kyfus Metal Sales textured metal roofing and a quote on standing seam roofing along with a quote on fascia. Dustin indicated that he will send me the quotes sometime next week.

I am scheduled to meet the second roofing contractor this Friday. It was a short sweet visit today.

Renovation Start Up – Pinhole Roof Leaks

Day #115

April 25, 2020 – This morning we traveled to the cottage to get the renovation started back up. It took awhile to get everything packed so we got a late start. Not going to get much done today but that’s okay.

When we arrived I noticed that we had some pinhole leaks in the roof above the old kitchen. When Troy and I covered this section back in June of 2019 ,we only had 15 lb. felt. No wonder it was leaking.

Renovation Start Up - Pinhole Roof Leaks
Re-felting the roof over the old kitchen.

Luckily, I had some 30 lb. roofing felt on hand. I got up on the roof and quickly re-covered the area that was leaking. That will take care of the leaks until the metal roof is on.

Pinhole Roof Leaks
Renovation Start Up – Additional layer of roof felt over old kitchen.

Rob starting cleaning up the mess the Lumberjacks left in the yard and I did an inventory of my fasteners and straightened out my tools. That is the extent of what we accomplished today.

Before we went back home I set 8 mouse traps in various places. Robrandi wants to be sure that we don’t have any mice. Tomorrow we are coming back down to meet with D&N Construction to begin the process of pricing up the metal roofing.