It’s Time to Set the 7 Foot Picture Window!

(a.k.a. Did Ya Measure?)

Day #135

June 20, 2020 – Today my Enola Crew is going to help set the big 7 foot picture window in the rough opening in the living room wall. This is the biggest window that we have in the cottage. It is going to let in a lot of light and we are anxious to have it installed.

The first step is to remove the temporary plywood and stud framing covering the rough opening. That went very well.

Rough Opening
Plywood covering the picture window opening.
Temporary Stud Framing - Picture Window
Temporary Stud Framing – Picture Window

Next, we unloaded the picture window from the back of my truck and carried it up onto the porch. And then the fun began.

New Living Room Picture Window
New living room picture window ready to be unloaded.

With the window on the porch and the sill shims in place Troy and I lifted it up to set it into the rough opening. Before we lifted, Troy said to me, “Did ya measure?“. I know he was joking but when we made the attempt to set it in place, it did not fit. It was way too big! WTF…!

We had to set in back down on the porch. I put a tape measure on it only to discover that our 7 foot window was actually 8 feet. WTF…?

Time Out
Time out to re-frame the rough opening.

When Robrandi and I were discussing window sizes we were considering an 8 foot window for this location but ultimately decided on a 7 foot instead. On our window cut sheets I had circled the 8 footer when we were talking. Then, when we went to order, I never made the correction. So, I actually ordered the larger window but framed the smaller opening. Ugghhh!

Did ya measure? – Became the buzzwords for the next several weeks.

Return Picture Window or Re-Frame Opening?

Rather than return the window, we ripped out the seven foot header and the wall framing on the right hand side. Troy helped me frame in the new, correctly sized rough opening and we set the window.

Re-Framed Rough Opening - Picture Window
Here is the newly re-framed rough opening finally ready for the window.

Did ya measure?

New Picture Window
New picture window… Yeah!

When I started out the day I had no idea that I’d be re-framing the rough opening for this window. A stupid mistake! Oh well… Shit happens.

Next time – Did ya measure?

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