Last Living Room Window Installation

Day # 162

September 20, 2020 – Yesterday was the last kitchen window and today is the last living room window installation. I have a little more work to do on the window opening but it won’t be bad.

I already have the temporary ceiling support installed to allow me to begin. First up, I remove the temporary plywood and framing that secures the opening.

Temporary Plywood & Framing
Removal of temporary plywood and framing.

Once the opening is open, I frame in a new jack stud on the right side of the window. The new window is not wide as the old window so I don’t have to replace the header. The new window is also slightly narrower than the old window so I have to raise up the window sill. You can see the new framing in the image below.

New Framing
Framed opening for the new living room window.

On the outside of the new framing I install some plywood sheathing to close up the side and bottom of the framed opening.

Plywood Sheathing
Exterior plywood sheathing.

With the plywood sheathing complete I set the window in the opening, level it up and nail it through the nailing flange.

Last Living Room Window
Last living room window from the inside.

After the flange is nailed the window is sealed with Pell Smart Flashing Tape.

Last Living Room & Kitchen Windows
The last living room and kitchen windows.

The windows in the kitchen and living room are now complete. I can now drop back and install the wall insulation and eventually the paneling on the railroad side.

The remaining windows are in the bathroom and bedrooms located in the rear of the cottage. They will get installed as the work progresses back through the cottage. That’s where I’m at.

Last Kitchen Window Installation

Day #161

September 19, 2020 – Today, I am installing the last new kitchen window. This is one of the eight windows that I brought down yesterday. The framing for this window opening was complete awhile back. It is ready for the new window. The installation should be pretty straight forward.

Temporary Plywood
Temporary plywood covering the window opening.

Before I set the window in place, I remove the temporary plywood covering the opening.

Outside Kitchen Wall
Removing the plywood covering the window opening.
Last Kitchen Window
Temporary plywood removed.

Once the temporary plywood is removed I can install the Tyvek building wrap.

Tyvek Installation
Tyvek installation.

After the building wrap, I set the window in the opening. Once I have it level, I fasten it in place by nailing through the nailing flange. I complete the installation with Pella Smart Flash window and door flashing tape.

Last New Kitchen Window
The last new kitchen window is set in place.

The kitchen windows are complete. Now I will move on to the last living room window.

Balance of New Windows Have Arrived

Day #159 & #160

September 16th and 18th, 2020 – The balance of our new windows have arrived. I picked them up at the Mechanicsburg Home Depot on Wednesday and delivered them to the cottage on Friday.

Balance of New Windows
Picking up the balance of our new windows.

There are eight (8) windows in this order. One kitchen, one living room, one bathroom, and five bedroom windows. I am working my way back to the bedrooms from the kitchen so the bedroom windows will be stored for awhile. ( Other window installation took place here and here. )

To unload the windows I pulled the trailer alongside the porch. With some 2×4’s laid down, I slid the windows over to the porch.

Unloading Rig Up
Window unloading rig up along the side of the porch.

Here are the balance of our new windows stacked against the outside wall. Simple as that!

New Windows Unloaded
New windows unloaded and stacked on the porch.

Next up, the window installation continues….

Porch Knee Wall Framing Starts!

Day #156

August 21, 2021 – I started the day working outside framing the porch knee walls. I had a small supply of treated 2×4’s and the weather was great so why not.

Porch Knee Wall Framing
Porch knee wall framing.

When it is complete, our new porch will be screened in. The screens will fit between the porch knee wall and the beams above. On the outside, these walls will be clad in the same siding we will use on the cottage walls.

Knee Wall Framing
Two sections of knee wall framing.

On the inside I am planning on plenty of electric outlets to power things up and provide everyone a means to charge their all important cell phones.

Knee Wall View From Inside
Knee Wall – View from the porch.

After I ran out of treated 2×4’s I went back inside and framed up the temporary ceiling support framing at the location of the last new living room window. Much like the last kitchen window this allows me to demo the old window opening, frame the new opening, and eventually install the window.

Living Room Window Ceiling Support

Temporary Ceiling Bracing
Temporary Ceiling Bracing
Temporary Ceiling Framing
Temporary ceiling support complete. Ready to demo the opening.

The porch knee walls are on hold until I get more treated lumber (Lewistown Lowe’s was out of stock). Henry, Studger and Phil are coming in this evening so that will conclude the work on the Cot-Taj-Mahal renovation for the weekend. Be back in a week or so…

Kitchen Window Framing – Railroad Side

Day # 154

August 15, 2020 – Today I’ll be finishing the framing for the last new kitchen window. This window is located on the railroad (south) side of the cottage. There was an existing window in that location but the new one is slightly bigger. Because of the size difference I need to frame a new rough opening.

South Kitchen Wall
Electric outlet and old window opening in the south wall.

The outlet for the old kitchen stove is also located in this wall. We no longer need this outlet so it needs removed. The first order of business is to disconnect the electric, then remove the wire and then the outlet from the wall.

Outlet Removed
South wall stove outlet removed.

To keep the roof structure from moving while the new window opening is framed, I install some temporary roof support framing out in front of the opening.

Temporary Roof Support Framing
Temporary roof support framing.

With the temporary bracing in place I demolished and removed the header, jack and cripple studs from the old window opening.

Old Window Opening
Old windows opening (Background).
Kitchen Window Framing
Outside view of the south wall kitchen window opening.

Then, I re-frame a new header, with jack studs, and cripple studs for the new window.

New Kitchen Window Framing
New kitchen window framing at south wall.

Once the new kitchen window framing is complete I can remove the temporary roof support.

Roof Support Framing Removed
Temporary roof support framing removed.

The last thing today, for this opening, is to temporarily close it in until the new window arrives. And there you have it, the kitchen window framing is complete!

Kitchen Window Framing
Opening temporarily closed in and ready for a new window.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some floor patching and finishing the “Chokey” framing for the Trenchbull. Yep.

It’s Time to Set the 7 Foot Picture Window!

(a.k.a. Did Ya Measure?)

Day #135

June 20, 2020 – Today my Enola Crew is going to help set the big 7 foot picture window in the rough opening in the living room wall. This is the biggest window that we have in the cottage. It is going to let in a lot of light and we are anxious to have it installed.

The first step is to remove the temporary plywood and stud framing covering the rough opening. That went very well.

Rough Opening
Plywood covering the picture window opening.
Temporary Stud Framing - Picture Window
Temporary Stud Framing – Picture Window

Next, we unloaded the picture window from the back of my truck and carried it up onto the porch. And then the fun began.

New Living Room Picture Window
New living room picture window ready to be unloaded.

With the window on the porch and the sill shims in place Troy and I lifted it up to set it into the rough opening. Before we lifted, Troy said to me, “Did ya measure?“. I know he was joking but when we made the attempt to set it in place, it did not fit. It was way too big! WTF…!

We had to set in back down on the porch. I put a tape measure on it only to discover that our 7 foot window was actually 8 feet. WTF…?

Time Out
Time out to re-frame the rough opening.

When Robrandi and I were discussing window sizes we were considering an 8 foot window for this location but ultimately decided on a 7 foot instead. On our window cut sheets I had circled the 8 footer when we were talking. Then, when we went to order, I never made the correction. So, I actually ordered the larger window but framed the smaller opening. Ugghhh!

Did ya measure? – Became the buzzwords for the next several weeks.

Return Picture Window or Re-Frame Opening?

Rather than return the window, we ripped out the seven foot header and the wall framing on the right hand side. Troy helped me frame in the new, correctly sized rough opening and we set the window.

Re-Framed Rough Opening - Picture Window
Here is the newly re-framed rough opening finally ready for the window.

Did ya measure?

New Picture Window
New picture window… Yeah!

When I started out the day I had no idea that I’d be re-framing the rough opening for this window. A stupid mistake! Oh well… Shit happens.

Next time – Did ya measure?

New Picture Window is on the way!

Day #133

June 15, 2020 – Not working at the cottage today, but I made a trip to the Mechanicsburg Home Depot to pick up our new picture window. This window goes in the living room, on the porch side of the cottage.

I made a carrier for the back of the truck so that I can safely transport the window. Here is a picture of the window in the truck ready to go to the Land Before Time.

New Picture Window
New picture window ready to transport.

There is a story about this window that I will relate in a later post. As I write this blog it is funny now, but it was not funny at all when it happened. Stay tuned…

Another New Kitchen Window

Day #86

August 9, 2019 – Today we started the demolition and re-framing that is necessary to install the third new kitchen window. This window is located over the outside pump house. I am not ready to remove the pump house so this will be a challenge installing new framing and sheathing in this area.

Old Kitchen Window
Old kitchen window over the pump house.

Before we can install any new framing, the existing siding, window and sheathing must be removed. Over the years, this corner of the cottage has undergone attack by wood boring bees and woodpeckers. I am afraid to see what the studs are going to look like after the siding is removed.

Woodpecker & Boring Bee Damage
Woodpecker and Boring Bee damage on the corner of the kitchen.

Between banana and coffee breaks the demolition went very well. We striped off the siding, removed the window and some of the 1″ oak plank sheathing. It was a surprise to see the Woodpeckers and Boring Bees did not make it through the layer of roofing felt on the wall. The studs and sheathing are still sound.

New Kitchen Window
Coffee-Banana break and demolition of old kitchen window.
No Woodpecker - Boring Bee Damage
No woodpecker or boring bee damage on the wood framing.

After completing the demolition, we framed in the rough opening for the new window and installed the exterior plywood wall sheathing. At the end of the day we had the building wrap on this section and we are ready to set the new kitchen window.

New Kitchen Window Demo Complete
Demolition for new kitchen window complete.
Rough Opening
Exterior plywood wall sheathing and rough opening.

First thing tomorrow we will set the new window. With this window installed, there remains only one more old window in the kitchen. We are coming forward into the 21st century slowly but surely.

Three New Windows for the Cot-Taj-Mahal!

Day #78

July 11, 2019 – I picked up the three new windows for our Cot-Taj-Mahal renovation project. They are going home with me tonight and then on to the cottage tomorrow morning. I have them tied down pretty well. Fingers crossed that we make it in one piece.

New Windows
New windows for the kitchen addition.
New Windows
Three new Anderson windows for the Cot-Taj-Mahal.

We choose Anderson Composite (Fibrex) windows for their maintenance free performance and durability.

These are for the new kitchen addition. Very exciting. I think they are the first new windows the cottage has had in like seventy-five years.

Back Bedroom

Day #13

June 16, 2018 – Today, underneath the cottage, I fixed two leaking cpvc elbows on the water system . In the back bedroom I got the rough opening for the new window framed out. We set the new window in place and sealed it up with Pella weather tape.

On the way to Shy Bear Brewing (our new favorite dining location in Lewistown) I had a run in with a snapping turtle. With a little luck he will make it to the water before getting run over by a lawn mower.

Wolfley’s Excavating & Septic Pumping is will arrive tomorrow to begin hauling the porch concrete away. Demolition should begin on the frost walls.


Back Bedroom - Window Rough Opening
Rough opening for new window framed in.


New Window
New window set in place.


Snapping Turtle
Snapping turtle confrontation on the lane.