Last Kitchen Window Installation

Day #161

September 19, 2020 – Today, I am installing the last new kitchen window. This is one of the eight windows that I brought down yesterday. The framing for this window opening was complete awhile back. It is ready for the new window. The installation should be pretty straight forward.

Temporary Plywood
Temporary plywood covering the window opening.

Before I set the window in place, I remove the temporary plywood covering the opening.

Outside Kitchen Wall
Removing the plywood covering the window opening.
Last Kitchen Window
Temporary plywood removed.

Once the temporary plywood is removed I can install the Tyvek building wrap.

Tyvek Installation
Tyvek installation.

After the building wrap, I set the window in the opening. Once I have it level, I fasten it in place by nailing through the nailing flange. I complete the installation with Pella Smart Flash window and door flashing tape.

Last New Kitchen Window
The last new kitchen window is set in place.

The kitchen windows are complete. Now I will move on to the last living room window.

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