Kitchen Window Framing – Railroad Side

Day # 154

August 15, 2020 – Today I’ll be finishing the framing for the last new kitchen window. This window is located on the railroad (south) side of the cottage. There was an existing window in that location but the new one is slightly bigger. Because of the size difference I need to frame a new rough opening.

South Kitchen Wall
Electric outlet and old window opening in the south wall.

The outlet for the old kitchen stove is also located in this wall. We no longer need this outlet so it needs removed. The first order of business is to disconnect the electric, then remove the wire and then the outlet from the wall.

Outlet Removed
South wall stove outlet removed.

To keep the roof structure from moving while the new window opening is framed, I install some temporary roof support framing out in front of the opening.

Temporary Roof Support Framing
Temporary roof support framing.

With the temporary bracing in place I demolished and removed the header, jack and cripple studs from the old window opening.

Old Window Opening
Old windows opening (Background).
Kitchen Window Framing
Outside view of the south wall kitchen window opening.

Then, I re-frame a new header, with jack studs, and cripple studs for the new window.

New Kitchen Window Framing
New kitchen window framing at south wall.

Once the new kitchen window framing is complete I can remove the temporary roof support.

Roof Support Framing Removed
Temporary roof support framing removed.

The last thing today, for this opening, is to temporarily close it in until the new window arrives. And there you have it, the kitchen window framing is complete!

Kitchen Window Framing
Opening temporarily closed in and ready for a new window.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some floor patching and finishing the “Chokey” framing for the Trenchbull. Yep.

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