Balance of New Windows Have Arrived

Day #159 & #160

September 16th and 18th, 2020 – The balance of our new windows have arrived. I picked them up at the Mechanicsburg Home Depot on Wednesday and delivered them to the cottage on Friday.

Balance of New Windows
Picking up the balance of our new windows.

There are eight (8) windows in this order. One kitchen, one living room, one bathroom, and five bedroom windows. I am working my way back to the bedrooms from the kitchen so the bedroom windows will be stored for awhile. ( Other window installation took place here and here. )

To unload the windows I pulled the trailer alongside the porch. With some 2×4’s laid down, I slid the windows over to the porch.

Unloading Rig Up
Window unloading rig up along the side of the porch.

Here are the balance of our new windows stacked against the outside wall. Simple as that!

New Windows Unloaded
New windows unloaded and stacked on the porch.

Next up, the window installation continues….

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