Another New Kitchen Window

Day #86

August 9, 2019 – Today we started the demolition and re-framing that is necessary to install the third new kitchen window. This window is located over the outside pump house. I am not ready to remove the pump house so this will be a challenge installing new framing and sheathing in this area.

Old Kitchen Window
Old kitchen window over the pump house.

Before we can install any new framing, the existing siding, window and sheathing must be removed. Over the years, this corner of the cottage has undergone attack by wood boring bees and woodpeckers. I am afraid to see what the studs are going to look like after the siding is removed.

Woodpecker & Boring Bee Damage
Woodpecker and Boring Bee damage on the corner of the kitchen.

Between banana and coffee breaks the demolition went very well. We striped off the siding, removed the window and some of the 1″ oak plank sheathing. It was a surprise to see the Woodpeckers and Boring Bees did not make it through the layer of roofing felt on the wall. The studs and sheathing are still sound.

New Kitchen Window
Coffee-Banana break and demolition of old kitchen window.
No Woodpecker - Boring Bee Damage
No woodpecker or boring bee damage on the wood framing.

After completing the demolition, we framed in the rough opening for the new window and installed the exterior plywood wall sheathing. At the end of the day we had the building wrap on this section and we are ready to set the new kitchen window.

New Kitchen Window Demo Complete
Demolition for new kitchen window complete.
Rough Opening
Exterior plywood wall sheathing and rough opening.

First thing tomorrow we will set the new window. With this window installed, there remains only one more old window in the kitchen. We are coming forward into the 21st century slowly but surely.

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