Birds Nest, Again!

Day #85

August 8, 2019 – I’ve been away the past two weekends. It was a nice break, but now, back to the renovation.

Hoping to get a jump on the weekend I came down a night earlier than usual. This allows me to get all my “weekend” stuff moved in and set up so I’m ready to go to work in the morning. Entering the cottage, once again, I found a birds nest inside. This time is was on top of the refrigerator inside a plastic bag from the Giant. It had four eggs inside.

Amazing what they can do in a couple of days. Them birds are busy!

Birds Nest
Birds nest with 4 eggs on top of the refrigerator.

I really have to get the cottage closed in to stop this nonsense!

So….. once again, I have to be the bad guy and remove the nest and the eggs. Sorry little birds but you need to pick a better nesting site. Bye now….

Eggs, Nest & Feathers

After relocating the birds nest I chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Jess showed up later in the evening and we went out to Wingman’s for some dinner. It was nice. After dinner we headed back to the cottage. Tomorrow we will replace another old kitchen window. It will be a good day.

PS: We have our share of pests at the Cot-Taj-Mahal. Here is an interesting photo of another one of our unwelcome guests – Carpenter Bee

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