Carpenter Bee Damage

Day #88

August 11, 2019 – Not much doing today. We finished up some shingle demolition and then tarped over the roof to keep things dry. Interestingly, we came across a couple pieces of wood from the roof demo that a Carpenter Bee drilled into.

Carpenter Bee Damage
Carpenter Bee damage.

It’s pretty amazing (and pretty destructive) how deep these bees can drill. Once we have everything complete we’ll have to see if they continue to bore through the new siding. We may have to go on a Carpenter Bee extermination mission.

Many thanks to my Roofing Crew…! I know you guys drive a long way to come down to help out. I really appreciate it. Your hard work saves me hours of time in this renovation process. One day we will be done and we’ll sit back and enjoy the new digs! It’s a promise, cee….

Next weekend I have to relocate two electric switches at the living room door. One controls the outside light and one controls the living room overhead lights. This will allow us to continue the exterior wall demolition and repair in preparation for a new sliding entry door. There is a rats nest of junction boxes up in the ceiling so I’m sure it will take me some time to figure out how they are wired and the best way to relocate them. Stay tuned …

For more about the Carpenter Bee click here: Xylocopinae

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  1. Yikes! Be careful with those wires! It’s going to be awesome and well worth the time you have all put into it. Something the kids can cherish for many more years. Great job Everyone!

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