Electric Upgrade and Relocation – Living Room

Day #89

August 17, 2019 – In order to continue the exterior wall repair and framing for the new sliding door it is necessary to do a little electric upgrade and relocation. Near the front door we have two switches. One controls the overhead living room lights and the other controls an outside light. We can remove the outside light but the overhead light switch needs relocated.

Living Room Wall Switches
Living room wall switches.

Originally there was a 30 amp fuse box to power the entire cottage. I upgraded the 30 amp fuse box to a 100 amp panel way back in 2004. When the old fuse box was in service there was a circuit for the well pump, a circuit for the electric range and only three other circuits to power the remainder of the cottage. I knew at that point that an electric upgrade and complete rewiring was in our future.

Electric Panel Upgrade
Old 30 amp fuse box and new 100 amp panel – 2004 Electric Upgrade

Original Wiring

The cottage was wired back in the 1950’s with two conductor cloth covered wire. In this type of wiring there is a hot wire and a neutral wire but no ground wire. There are numerous junction boxes in the ceiling. In some of these, the connections are soldered and covered with fabric based electrical tape. In others the connections have wire nuts. Some of the wire looks like there is burn marks on the outside of the insulation.

Electric Upgrade - Attic Junction Box
One of many junction boxes. The yellow wire is a new part of the electric upgrade.
Electric Upgrade - Wire Burn Marks
The “Toaster” outlet wire, cloth covered two conductor wire with burn marks.

After spending most of the day up in the attic I figured out the routing of one of the circuits and I was able to begin replacing old wire. I relocated the overhead light switch and added a new outlet by the front door. I was also able to replace the “toaster” outlet wire that Fanny used to blow the circuit breaker on. That one had some serious burn marks. It’s a wonder we haven’t burned the place down!

Relocated Switches & New Outlet - Electric Upgrade
Relocated switches and a new outlet in the living room wall.

The electric upgrade is well underway!

Tomorrow when my Demo Crew arrives we will continue the demolition on the exterior wall. In addition I am hoping to finish the Trex decking installation in the last section of deck, i.e. “Brenda’s Deck”.

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  1. Whew! Good thing for those electric boxes or you might have burned the place down. Still scary!!!

    I started replacing our fixtures, and so far… none of them even have had proper electric boxes…. eek! they’re just screwed to the beams. sheesh. so I am getting them replaced much faster than I was planning now… so we don’t burn down too. ha.

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