Section Four Porch Decking – Down to the End

Day #84

July 21, 2019 – Today I started the section four porch decking. Section three was completed yesterday. We ran out to Lewistown for some trim pieces and some exterior stainless steel screws. It was another hot day and we didn’t work very long but I did manage to get a good start on section four.

Edge Trim
Edge trim – Section Four Porch Decking
Porch Decking - Section 4
Square edged Trex pieces and trim along the edge of the porch section 4.
Section Four - Porch Decking
Three pieces – Section Four Porch Decking.

By early afternoon, having enough of the heat wave, we started the clean up process. We piled a bunch of lumber on the deck help protect and keep the “snake screen” in place. Hopefully nothing will try and walk across it.

After we packed up we headed home. Stay tuned, it will be a couple of weekends until we can get back down to the Cot-Taj-Mahal to continue the renovation. Just a slight pause for some needed rest and relaxation.

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