Section Three Porch Decking – Devil’s Ass Crack!

Day #83

July 20, 2019 – Dam it’s hot today! Once again it hit 97° here in Lewistown. The heat index was off the charts. Slowly but surely, with a bunch of breaks, and lots of hydration, I continued the section three porch decking.

“When I prayed during the winter months, I aksed the Lord to make it warm. I did not say, ‘Lord please bring the devil from hell and have him sit his ass crack on earth.’ That is not what I asked for. It’s not what I requested.”

Krissychula – Published on Jun 25, 2013

It is so hot that the caterpillars are crawling into the grooves on the Trex decking!

Trex Caterpillar
Caterpiller inside the Trex groove.

It’s so hot that a group of eight Daddy Long Legger’s gathered underneath a scaffold plank to conduct a Heat Index Convention!

Daddy Long Leggers
Daddy Long Legger’s Heat Index Convention.

But seriously, I did manage to get the section three porch decking complete today, despite the heat wave.

Section Three Porch Decking
Section three porch decking in progress.
Section Three Porch Decking Complete
Section three porch decking is complete.

Tomorrow morning I will start the final section of Trex decking. We are not planning on working all day so I doubt it will be completed tomorrow. We also have to get some trim boards for this section because there won’t be a knee-wall or screens. This means another trip to Lowe’s before I can start.

After the decking is complete we will be jumping back on the porch roof framing and roofing for the rest of the deck.

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