Section Three Porch Decking – Hotter Than Hades!

Day #82

July 19, 2019 – According to the weather forecast, this weekend will be hotter than Hades. There are excessive heat warnings in effect and the heat index expected to reach 115° F on Saturday. I’m not sure how much work we will be able to accomplish because, for most of the day the porch addition is in direct sunlight. Our only hope is to get up early and work in the morning before the sun comes up. The plan is to continue the Trex decking installation in section three. This is in front of the living room door.

In the morning I completed the additional framing required for the picture framed deck pieces. There will be a knee-wall and screens between deck sections three and four. Deck section four is officially “Brenda’s Deck”. It will not have screens. From what I understand she (Brenda) has divided it up into 2′ × 2′ pieces and is attempting to sell them to the highest bidder. Good luck.

Additional Framing
Additional framing for “picture framed” deck pieces.

After completing the picture framing support I realized that I was out of snake screen so off to Lowe’s I went. It’s an hour round trip but what are you going to do, right.

With the snake screen in hand, I rolled out and stapled the next piece. After it was down I was able to continue the decking.

Porch Decking - Section 3
Snake screen rolled out. Decking installation in porch section 3.

The temperature hit 97° in Lewistown today. I took a bunch of breaks and stayed hydrated but once the sun hit the Trex decking it became unbearable. I only got half of the section 3 decking installed. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter so we’ll see how it goes.

Section 3 - Trex Decking
Heat coming up on the deck. This is porch section 3.

Osprey ???

As some of you may remember we have seen Osprey along the river at the Cot-Taj-Mahal. Today I witnessed a young Osprey (I think) swoop down and grab a hold of a mouse over by the Old Shed. It pinned the mouse to the ground and stayed there for several minutes. I tried to sneak up on it but it was in the open. Unfortunately, I did not have my DLSR and telephoto lens with me. The picture below was shot with my iPhone at max digital zoom. Best I could get but still kinda crappy.

Young Osprey
A juvenile Osprey with a mouse over by the Old Shed.

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