Trex Decking Continues

Day #81

July 14, 2019 – The kitchen sink drain line is complete so I can continue the Trex decking installation. The goal today is to finish the second section of picture framed deck. Should be a pretty straight forward process.

Trex Decking - Section 2
Installing porch decking in section two.

I have my chop saw set up on the deck framing. This makes it convenient to measure and cut the 16 ft. long pieces of Trex decking material.

Trex Decking Continued
Installation of decking in the 2nd section of the porch.

As the Trex decking got closer to the cottage it began to cover over the kitchen sink drain piping run.

Kitchen Sink Drain Piping
Decking covering over the kitchen sink drain pipe run.

Trex decking installation in the second section of the porch is complete! Yeah!

Trex Decking - Porch Section 2
Porch section 2 decking installation complete.

Next weekend the Trex decking will be continuing into section three and hopefully the last section, section four. If I can get to it, I have water piping to rough in for a new hose connection. That should be fun, working under the deck.

Well that’s it for this weekend’s work. I hope your enjoying this little blogfest. This is carpenter Gyeem Raj-Du-Kamar signing off from Cot-Taj-Mahal in the Land Before Time. Stay tuned for further adventures.

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