Exterior Wall Demolition

Day #63

June 14, 2019 – Earlier in the week I placed a small lumber order for the start of the roof framing. To pass the time while waiting on the delivery I continued the exterior wall demolition.

The siding along the exterior living room was easily removed with a pry bar and hammer.

We’ve come a long way with the demolition. Here’s a look back at the start of the exterior demolition.

Exterior Wall Demolition
Exterior wall demolition at living room wall.
Siding Removed - Exterior Wall Demolition
Siding removed from exterior living room wall.

Bird Nest Relocation

Since we still have a bird nesting on the old porch roof support along the exterior kitchen wall I had to perform a bird nest relocation. The nest has 4 eggs in it. I was able to move it to the big oak tree in front of the cottage but I don’t think the mother bird found it. Sorry bird family….

Bird Nest Relocation
Bird nest relocation kit.
Bird Nest
Bird nest with four eggs.
Relocated Nest
Relocated bird nest in the big oak tree in front.

The Lowe’s delivery guy showed up around 1:30 PM with the lumber order. He off loaded it by the porch and was on his way in like 10 minutes. In and out no problem. The big stone parking area is working out great for these big truck deliveries.

Lowe's Delivery
Lowe’s delivery on our big parking area.

Exterior Wall Demolition continued…

With the Lowe’s guy on his way,and the nest relocated, I was able to continue the exterior wall demolition along the kitchen. The siding came off just as easy as on the living room wall. Once I removed the exterior window trim the old kitchen window came right out. It was all pitched into the dumpster.

Window Removed - Exterior Wall Demolition
Siding and kitchen window removed.
Old Kitchen Window
Say goodbye to the old kitchen window.

I quit for the evening around 6:30 PM. After I got cleaned up, Robrandi, Brenda from “Brenda’s Deck” and I, headed to Wingman’s Brew N Que for dinner. The discussion centered around the asking price and the square feet amount of “Brenda’s Deck” that will be rented out. Hummmm…?

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