Roof Demolition – Existing Kitchen

Day #64

June 15, 2019 – Before the start of the new roof framing the existing kitchen roof will need “disconnected” from the main cottage roof. Today I wanted to concentrate on the miscellaneous roof demolition to accomplish this isolation.

To remove the remaining fascia boards at the gable end it was necessary to remove the roof above the old kitchen door. I took off the shingles then cut the roof deck parallel to the gable. Once the deck boards were removed I was able to cut and remove the joist in front of the fascia and then the fascia itself.

Misc Roof Demolition
Roofing removed. Deck boards cut for removal along the gable end.
Deck Boards Removed - Roof Demolition
Deck boards removed, Rafter exposed at the base of the fascia boards.

With the rafter and fascia boards removed I moved on to exposing the ends of the new structural beam. Each end of the new beam needs anchored to the top plates of the walls, on both sides. I continued the roof demolition by removing the shingles on each side of the new beam exposing the roof deck. Cutting and removing the deck boards exposed the new beam.

Structural Beam - Roof Demolition
Exposing the ends of the new beam for anchoring to the top plates of the wall on each side.

And then the rain started….

Just as I got the beam exposed it started to rain. We quickly covered the holes in the roof with tarps. Luckily we didn’t take on any water. With rain on and off for the rest of the day the work pace slowed down to a crawl. I got three of the four beam / wall anchors installed. I’ll have to get the last one installed on a better day.

Rain Tarps - Roof Demlition
Quickly tarped over the roof openings because of the rain.

With the continued threat of rain we decided to demo the wall sheathing on the living room wall. The siding on this exterior wall was removed yesterday. This area was under tarps and staying dry so we went for it.

Light Stripes
Light coming through the wall as the roofing paper on the outside is removed.
Wall Sheathing Removed
Exterior wall sheathing boards removed.

After we finished removing the exterior wall sheathing boards from the living room wall we closed up for the night.

Rain Tarps
All buttoned up for the night.

All in all it was a pretty good day. Tomorrow we will start the front posts and beams at “Brenda’s Deck” and the porch ceiling / roof framing. Dam the rain!

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