Porch Beams & Ceiling Joists

Day #65

June 16, 2019 – It rained most of the night but thankfully we did not take on any water. Must be a good tarp job. Today, between the rain drops, we set up two sections of porch beams at “Brenda’s Deck”. We also started the ceiling joists / roof framing for the porch roof.

As we gathered the tools and materials to get started I realized that we were short one post cap and one post base. Since we were framing two porch beam sections we needed three caps and three bases. We only had two of each. Robrandi and Brenda from “Brenda’s Deck” ran out to Lowe’s and brought back the missing hardware. Thankx to them for coming to the rescue.

While we waited for the hardware we installed the rest of the exterior plywood sheathing at the new kitchen walls. We will now have to access the new kitchen from inside the cottage.

When the ladies returned from Lowe’s we framed up two sections of porch beams, nine porch ceiling joists and one row of solid bridging between the joists. It was drizzling the entire time. Rather than continue to work in the rain we stopped for the day. Time to pack up and go home.

Porch Ceiling Joists
Porch ceiling joists in place.
Kitchen Exterior Wall Sheathing & Porch Framing
Kitchen exterior wall sheathing complete. Porch Framing started.
Porch Beam & Ceiling Joists Framing
Two sections of porch beams and some porch ceiling joists framed up.

The best thing is that I didn’t have to move my temporary outside light pole. The ceiling joists are higher than the pole. That was awesome and it saved a couple of hours of work! I’m such a great planner!

Next weekend, weather permitting I hope to start the roof framing over the new kitchen addition. I have to remember to bring down a scaffold section or two and my Baker scaffold to make life easier.

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