Scaffold, Demolition & Roof Rafters

Day #66

June 21, 2019 – Yesterday I pulled six scaffold bucks, six braces and ten planks out of my shed. I loaded all of this, my baker scaffold and a six foot stepladder onto my trailer for the trip to the Cot-Taj-Mahal. My plan is to start framing roof rafters and dry in a portion of the roof this weekend.

Scaffolding arriving at the Cot-Taj-Mahal.

On Friday when I arrived, the first order of business was to I set up the scaffolding. I put the baker scaffold in the old kitchen. One section in the new kitchen and the remaining two sections in front of the new porch roof. For our roof framing it’s much easier to work off scaffolding than it is to work off of ladders. This should be a time saver too.

Baker Scaffold
Baker scaffolding in the old kitchen.
Scaffold Section 1
S-Style Walk Thru Scaffold in the new kitchen.
Sections 2 & 3
Scaffold sections in front of new porch roof.

With the scaffold set up done it was time to get started. I completed the roof demolition above the living room ceiling. This allowed me to trim the end of the new structural beam and install the last wall anchor.

Roof Demolition
Roof planking exposed and ready to be cut.
Roof Demolition
Roof planking cut away.
Wall Anchor
Wall anchor at structural beam. Full 2×4 solid oak studs and top plates.

Roof Rafter Framing Starts…

I had just enough daylight left to frame the first new roof rafter on the old kitchen side and two roof rafters on the new porch side. On the kitchen side the first rafter is actually sistered onto and existing rafter. This will give us a solid nailing surface for the plywood decking material. The rafters on the porch side are a much longer. They are supported mid-span by an extension of the new kitchen wall.

Roof Rafters
Old oak rafter in the front and the first new roof rafter behind.
Porch Roof Rafters
The first roof rafter for the new porch. Scaffold and ladder below, Lookout in the background.

We are off to a good start on the roof framing. Tomorrow’s forecast, beautiful with no rain, for once. Perfect for putting on a new roof.

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