Old Kitchen Roof….GoodBye!

Day #67

June 22, 2019 – The miscellaneous roof demolition is complete. The new structural support beam across the end of the living room is complete. The roof ridge beam and support column are in place. Now is the time for us to say goodbye old kitchen roof!

Today’s focus is the complete demolition and removal of the old kitchen roof. We started with cutting and removing the 1′ thick oak roof plank. After the plank was removed we cut and pried loose the full 2×4 solid oak rafters and ceiling joists.

The cottage is constructed with rough cut solid oak framing. After almost 70 years it is harder than rock! At the end of the day the only remaining portion of the old roof was the gable end.

Roof Demolition
Oak roof planking removal.
Old Kitchen Roof
Solid oak rafter removal.
Old Kitchen Roof
Daylight streaming into the old kitchen.

With the old kitchen roof gone rafter framing for the new roof continued.

New Rafters
New roof rafters and ridge beam..
Porch Rafters & Ceiling Joists
Roof rafters and ceiling joists over the new porch.
New Porch Roof
New kitchen and porch roof tarped up at the end of the day.

Tomorrow we will demo the remaining gable end on the old kitchen roof. We will build a new gable end with a one foot overhang and begin placing roof sheathing. Immediately after roof sheathing we will install a layer of 30 lb roof felt to get us dried in.

PS: I broke down and bought a Rigid 21° 3½ Round-Head Framing Nailer and I’m loving it. You can really put down some nails with this rig. I can’t believe that I built (back in the day) my whole house without using any pneumatic s. What was I thinking…?

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