Roof Dry In Begins – Plywood & Felt Paper

Day #68

June 23, 2019 – I was up early this morning, with high hopes of getting the roof dry in process started. I had to make a run into Lowe’s to get the plywood roof sheathing and felt paper. As it turns out Lowe’s opens at 8:00AM on Sunday’s so I had about two hours to kill. What better way than to continue demolition on the old kitchen exterior wall. A got a good chunk of it out before I left and I took down the tarps on the living room wall. It’s pretty much wide open now.

Old Kitchen Exterior Wall Framing
Removing the old kitchen exterior wall framing.
Old Exterior Wall Framing
Tarps removed from the old living room wall and the framing demolition at the old kitchen wall.

Now I’m off to Lowe’s…..

Before we could start putting any roof sheathing in place we needed to demo the last of the old kitchen roof at the gable end. When that was complete I constructed a ladder type overhang and new gable framing.

Ladder Framing - Overhang
Ladder style overhang framing on the old kitchen side.
Gable End Framing
Gable end framing in the old kitchen side.

Now we have an overhang supported by the gable framing so the roof dry in begins.

Roof Dry In…

We installed 5 sheets of 5/8″ plywood roof sheathing on the new rafters over the old kitchen. This was followed up with a layer of #30 lb roofing paper held in place with green cap nails.

Roof Dry In - Plywood Sheathing
Plywood roof sheathing installation.
Roof Dry In - Plywood Sheathing
3½ Sheets of plywood roof sheathing installed over the old kitchen.

It was to late in the day to start another roof section so we decided to clean up, and tarp the roof back in until next weekend. We didn’t get as far as I had planned but I set the goal pretty high. Next weekend we will continue the roof dry in. The next goal is to totally enclose the new addition to keep the birds and insects out. It’s been kind of buggy inside!

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