Overhang Framing at the new Kitchen Addition

Day #69

June 25, 2019 – Today was a strange day. While cutting lumber for the overhang framing at the new kitchen, a newly hatched baby bird fell from the sky and almost hit me on the head. It was quite disgusting. Apparently a Red Tailed Hawk looking for an easy meal stole it from it’s nest. The mother Robin attacked the hawk and it dropped its lunch right on the board I was cutting. Needless to say I was startled! Sorry for the gross image but I had to share.

 Dead Baby Bird
Dropped from the sky!

The dumpster was supposed to be emptied and returned. Somehow that never happened. Once it is emptied we can continue the exterior wall demolition. We need someplace to put all the debris.

Full Dumpster
I needed this dumpster emptied and returned.

Since the roof is open we have birds trying to make new homes inside the cottage. I must have spent the night with several birds because when I woke up they were having breakfast in the new kitchen. They built a half ass nest inside a cardboard box filled with empty water bottles and proceeded to lay an egg. WTF!

Nest In A Box
Bird nest and egg in box full of empty water bottles.

Anyway the overhang framing went well. The overhang at the old kitchen was completed earlier so now both side of the gable end overhang are complete. There are still some miscellaneous framing items that must be taken care of but we are getting closer to having a new roof.

Overhang Framing
Ladder style overhang framing at new kitchen addition.
Overhang Framing
Overhang framing at gable end of the kitchen.

Our goal is to have this first section of the roof framed and covered with roofing paper before the 4th of July weekend. It is going to take some work but i think we can make it happen.


At this point the overhang at the other end of the porch was way in the future but with a look back, here is a look forward: Porch Roof Overhang – West Side and West End Overhang – Continued.

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