West End Overhang Continued

Day #112

November 17, 2019 – Today I am framing the second span of the porch roof overhang on the west end of the new porch. Yesterday I completed the first span. The work today will involve some demolition of the existing overhang on the old cottage roof and some framing around the the vent pipe. Though not big deal I need to exercise caution working around the vent. Because it is PVC, it can easily be snapped off if I hit it with any of the framing boards.

Porch roof overhang.
First span of the porch roof overhang framed yesterday.


After removing the tarps I cut and removed the existing overhang from the old cottage roof. The old overhang was built by simply running the roof decking past the sidewall by one foot. It is one inch thick oak plank and was never closed in with any type of soffit. As a result we have numerous bird, bee and wasp nests to deal with during the season. Soon, the overhangs around the entire cottage are going to have soffit which will eliminate these pests.

Oak Roof Planking
Old overhang demo. One inch oak planking.
Overhang at Vent Pipe
Overhang demo at vent pipe.
Exiting Overhang Demolition
Existing overhang demo complete.

New Framing

After the demo of the existing overhang I built out an extension to the ridge board to accept the second span edge joist. The edge joist installation follows. It attaches to the end of the first span edge joist and the ridge board extension.

Ridge Board Extension
Extending the ridge board for the edge joist.
Second Span Edge Joist - West End Overhang
Second span edge joist installed.

Similar to the first span once the edge joist is in place I am able to frame in the outriggers to fully complete the framing for the west end overhang.

Outriggers At Vent Pipe - West End Overhang
Outrigger framing at the vent pipe.
Second Span Outriggers
Additional outriggers framed into the west end overhang.

At the end of the day I have to put the blue tarps back over the roof opening to keep the inside dry. So far I haven’t had any leaks inside the cottage. Knock on wood.

Dry In
Tarps installed to maintain dry in until next time.

In the next installment I will place the last of the plywood roof sheathing and roofing felt on this new overhang framing. Stay tuned, the renovation continues.

2 Replies to “West End Overhang Continued”

  1. We’re question… and clearly I know nothing about this stuff, but why are the bolts not all lined up for the (I think it’s called) the edge joist? the one on the bottom right is not on the line.

    I’m trying to learn all the weird things from the expert geeeeyum himself. 🙂

    1. Very observant Arlene..!

      In the case of a “renovation project” sometimes there are existing fasteners in the way. In this case I had limited room in which to fit my drill so I couldn’t line them up symmetrically. It looks funky but it will hold up just fine.

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