Check In On The Cottage

Day #113

March 14, 2020 – Today was not a work day. We haven’t been been to the Land Before Time since last November so we decided that we better take a trip down and check in on the cottage.

Sometime, during our absence, the Lumberjacks showed up, felled, cut and split the thirteen trees that Robrandi had marked back in November. Many of these trees were dead or dying. If they fell over, they posed a serious threat to the cottage and potentially anyone sleeping near them in a tent. The result is awesome. Just look at all the firewood we have for our night long campfire sessions. I can’t wait!

Checking On The Cottage 01
Pavilion stacked full with firewood.
Checking On The Cottage 02
Firewood stacked behind the Pavilion.
Tree Removal
Large Oak trees next to and in front of the Outhouse removed.

We walked around the yard and checked inside the cottage. Everything looked fine so we turned around and headed home.

Checking On The Cottage
Checking up on the Lookout.

In Mifflintown we stopped at the Clubhouse Grill & Restaurant for dinner. This is one of our hangouts that we enjoy frequenting. You can catch them on Facebook at ClubhouseGrillMifflintown.

Clubhouse Grill & Resaturant
Having dinner and a beer at the Clubhouse Grill in Mifflintown.

Little did we know that after this dine out the whole world would change when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded.

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