Check In – COVID 19 Pandemic Delay

Day #114

April 19, 2020 – It’s been a month since our last trip to the cottage. We are now in the middle of a full blown COVID-19 pandemic. The Governor of Pennsylvania basically shut down the State on March 19, so we have been very hesitant to travel. Being mid-April, we are way behind out usual opening time of mid-March.

COVID 19 Check In
COVID 19 pandemic check in. Cottage from the Lookout.
COVID 19 Pandemic Check In
Firewood stacked up at the Pavilion.

Unfortunately, today is not a work day. We walked around and checked everything out. It’s all pretty much the same as it was back in March at our last visit. The firewood pile looks good. The river always look good and the cottage is fine. Hopefully on our next trip I will be able to start up and continue the renovation. Fingers crossed.

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