Renovation Start Up – Pinhole Roof Leaks

Day #115

April 25, 2020 – This morning we traveled to the cottage to get the renovation started back up. It took awhile to get everything packed so we got a late start. Not going to get much done today but that’s okay.

When we arrived I noticed that we had some pinhole leaks in the roof above the old kitchen. When Troy and I covered this section back in June of 2019 ,we only had 15 lb. felt. No wonder it was leaking.

Renovation Start Up - Pinhole Roof Leaks
Re-felting the roof over the old kitchen.

Luckily, I had some 30 lb. roofing felt on hand. I got up on the roof and quickly re-covered the area that was leaking. That will take care of the leaks until the metal roof is on.

Pinhole Roof Leaks
Renovation Start Up – Additional layer of roof felt over old kitchen.

Rob starting cleaning up the mess the Lumberjacks left in the yard and I did an inventory of my fasteners and straightened out my tools. That is the extent of what we accomplished today.

Before we went back home I set 8 mouse traps in various places. Robrandi wants to be sure that we don’t have any mice. Tomorrow we are coming back down to meet with D&N Construction to begin the process of pricing up the metal roofing.

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