Porch Roof Overhang – West Side

Day #111

November 16, 2019 – The goal for this weekend is to frame the porch roof overhang on the west side of the deck. The west side is at the pavilion end of the deck. I am getting closer to the completion of the roof and this is the last of the roof framing for the new porch. The first overhang was framed way back here: Overhang Framing At New Kitchen Addition

First things first, I remove the blue tarps to expose the open roof. Next I extend the framing out from second to the last joist to establish a one foot overhang. These extensions are called outriggers. With one outrigger extended and the fascia board cut to the correct length, I install the last roof joist, i.e. the edge joist, along the overhang.

Blue Tarp - Porch Roof Overhang
Open roof covered with blue tarps.
Outrigger extended to create a one foot overhang.
2nd Outrigger
Fascia board extended to create the bottom of the porch roof overhang.
Edge Joist
The last roof joist along the edge of the overhang.

After the edge joist is installed additional outriggers are placed to complete the overhang. The outriggers are 16′ inches apart to facilitate the installation of plywood roof decking with minimal cutting and minimum waste.

Framing additional outriggers.
Overhang Ladder Framing - Porch Roof Overhang
Outriggers and edge joist along the overhang.
Outriggers and Edge Joist - Porch Roof Overhang
Porch roof overhang framing.

The framing you see in the pictures above establishes the overhang from the outside of the new porch up to the existing wall of the cottage. I have been calling this the first span of the new roof in previous posts so I’ll be consistent. This is the first span of porch roof overhang on the western side of the deck. Amen.

Framing the porch roof overhang involves more cutting and measuring so it takes me a little longer to complete. This is it for today. Tomorrow I will frame the overhang on the second span of roof along the western side.


My last blog in 2019 was published on December 5th and it covered day #110. As often happens, life gets in the way, and it forces you in a different direction. In my case, it stopped my writing for a short while.

I would like to record as accurate a transcript as I can of the cottage renovation. To that end, I am picking up where I left off last fall. Over the next several days or weeks there will be a flurry of posts as I attempt to get caught up. If it’s too much, feel free to opt out or write me back and I’ll remove you from the list.

Thankx…..Gyeem Raj-Du-Kamar

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