Living Room & Kitchen Wall Demo Complete

Day #70

June 27, 2019 – When I arrived this morning I was happy to see the dumpster had been emptied and returned. This gave me a place to put the remaining studs and debris from the old living room and kitchen wall demo.

Dumpster emptied and returned for more demolition debris.
Old Studs
Demolition of the old exterior kitchen wall.
Old Kitchen Wall
Old exterior kitchen wall completely removed.
Old Living Room Wall
Demolition of the old exterior living room wall.

Removing the old living room and kitchen walls completely establishes the new kitchen space. It looks awesome! It is big, and it is just what we need.

Old Living Room Wall
Old Living Room and Kitchen Wall Demo Complete.

To finish out the day I installed some wood blocking above the new kitchen wall. This closes off the outside and keeps the porch ceiling joists aligned.

Wood Blocking
Wood blocking above the new kitchen wall.

Tomorrow I will be completing the gable end framing and plywood sheathing on the end wall of the kitchen addition.

After I got cleaned up I went out to Angelo’s Restaurant for dinner. It’s a local favorite located on route 103 in Lewistown. I had a Angelo’s Salad with bread sticks and a warm doughnut with Bud Light and A1 Steak Sauce. Yummy!

Angelo's Restaurant
Angelo’s Salad & Bread-sticks.
Home Made Doughnut
Warm, homemade doughnut.

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