Dumpster Delivery & Sub-floor Installation

Day #57

May 31, 2019 – Today was a productive day. S&S Trash Service delivered a 15 yard dumpster for all the demolition debris. Melanie from S&S told me it would be onsite by noon and it was right on time! Just to make sure it works, I removed the old kitchen door and tossed it into the dumpster. Everything is good. Thankx S&S!

 S&S driver delivering the dumpster.
S&S driver delivering the dumpster.
 Dumpster off loaded.
Dumpster off loaded.

We had a visitor at the renovation site today. He crawled in from the giant puddle in the neighbors yard and he spent the entire day napping under the big oak tree in the front yard. His name is T. S. Snappy. He likes to have his nose tickled while being hugged. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids and hide yo dogs! We have had other aquatic visitors to the renovation site.

T.S. Snappy onsite.
T.S. Snappy onsite.
T.S. Snappy
T.S. Snappy the snapping turtle from the block.

After the dumpster was delivered I started installing the kitchen addition sub-flooring. I am using 3/4 inch treated plywood. It is not tongue and groove but we need good moisture and insect resistance.

In order to fit the sub-floor under the kitchen door I had to remove it completely. So I said goodbye to the old kitchen door and pitched it into the dumpster.

Sub-Floor Install
Kitchen door, frame & sill removed to allow for sub-floor installation.
Sub-floor installation.
Two sheets of 3/4 inch treated sub-floor installed.

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