Re-Energize The Blistered Palm!

Day #56

May25, 2019 – I know, I’ve written enough about this whole temporary electric situation but today we Re-Energized the cottage. This allowed me to turn on the water, the water heater and all our appliances. From this point forward we can continue with the kitchen roof demolition and the rest of the renovation.

After a trip out to Lowe’s for conduit and glue we set about extending the electric service back over to the cottage. This is what it looks like now.

Re-Energize The Blistered Palm
Temporary electric extended back over to the cottage.
Re-Energize The Blistered Palm
LB and conduit at the temporary electric panel.

The electric service was disconnected to allow the the kitchen roof to be removed. To power the cottage back up we extended the service to a point that won’t be disturbed by the demolition.

The only goal for this weekend was to Re-Energize the Blistered Palm Cottage so the the renovation can continue. We accomplished this goal in two days. Much thankx to my family and everyone who helped out. It was a great weekend.

Next weekend we will resume demolition and framing on the kitchen addition. Stay tuned.

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