Temporary Electric Service

Day #52

November 4, 2018 – I worked on establishing the temporary electric service pole all day today. It was slow going but I was able to get the pole set in the ground and braces on. 

In accordance with the Penelec specifications the temporary electric service pole is supposed to be 18′ overall with 3′-6″  buried in the ground. The digging sucked. With the copious amount of rain we have had the minute I stuck the shovel in the ground the hole filled with water. I dug out three and a half feet of evil smelling muck!

Thankfully we still have a pile of limestone in the driveway. I was able to use the stone to backfill instead of the mud I dug out.

At the end of the day everything but the main breaker panel and one temporary outlet were installed. As soon as I can get those installed  I will call for the inspection of the temporary electric service pole and we will get the service transferred.

Temporary Electric Service - Post Hole
The post hole for the temporary electric pole. 3′-6″ deep and filled with water.
Temporary Electric Service - 18" Treated Pole
Bolting together the temporary electric pole. Penelec requires a 4″×6″×18′ pole.
Temporary Electric Service - Weather Head
Installation of the weather head.
Temporary Electric - Service Entrance Cable
Installation of the service entrance cable.
Temporary Electric - Weatherhead & SE Cable
Close up of the weatherhead with the service entrance cable. Penelec requires 3′ exposed for their connection.
Temporary Electric - Setting Pole
Getting ready to set the pole in the post hole.
Temporary Electric - Temporary Bracing
Temporary bracing to hold the pole upright.
Temporary Electric - Final Bracng
Temporary pole installed with final bracing and meter base.
Temporary Electric - Meter Base
Close up of the meter base.
Temporary Electric - Ground Rods
Penelec requires two 8′ ground rods spaced 6′ apart and connected with #8 bare copper wire.
Temporary Electric - Cottage
Temporary electric pole in relationship to the cottage.
Temporary Electric
Electric connection to the cottage. This will be relocate to the temporary pole.

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