Temporary Electric Service Inspection

Day #53

November 10, 2018 – Today’s goal is to complete the work required to get the temporary electric service inspection. This includes installing an exterior panel and a waterproof ground fault outlet.

After visiting two different Lowe’s stores and Dauphin Electric Supply, I finally have all the parts I need. I didn’t get to the cottage until late afternoon so I hoped that it wouldn’t take to long to complete. The days are much shorter after daylight savings time ends.

The exterior panel install went very smoothly. The ground fault outlet put the finishing touches on the job. I was done just before the sun went down. We are ready for the temporary electric service inspection.

I’ll call the inspectctor tomorrow morning to schedule the inspection and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we will pass the first time and get our inspection sticker.

Temporary Electric - Outdoor Panel
Outdoor electric panel with connecting conduit ready to be install on the pole.
Temporary Electric - Outdoor Panel
Outdoor panel install on pole and connected to the meter base.
Temporary Electric - Meter Base
Close up of meter base with the service entrance cable connections and the conduit to the outdoor panel.
Temporary Electric - Load Center
Outdoor load center opened up for wiring.
Temporary Electric - Meter Base Wiring
Meter base close up with wiring connections to the outdoor load center and service entrance cable.
Temporary Electric - Meter Base & Load Center
Meter base and 100 amp load center wiring connections.
Temporary Electric - 100 Amp Load Center
Close up of 100 amp outdoor load center with service entrance connections and a 20 amp receptacle circuit.


Temporary Electric Pole
Installation of a waterproof GFCI receptacle.
Temporary Electric Pole
Close up of temporary waterproof GFCI receptacle.
Temporary Electric Pole
Close up of meter base, outdoor load center and GFCI receptacle. Ready for inspection.
Temporary Electric Pole
End of the day. Temporary electric pole ready for inspection.

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