Electric Service Inspection Sticker

Day #54

November 13, 2018 – If everything goes as planned, today we will get our electric service inspection sticker. I called the inspection service, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, on Monday. The lady I spoke with was very nice. She took down the address information and the Penelec design request number. She told me that I could have it inspected as early as tomorrow. Great I replied, lets set it up.

Although she couldn’t give me a specific time she indicated that it would be early in the morning. The drive from Harrisburg to the cottage takes an hour and a half. I told her I would be there waiting by 7:30 AM. 

I arrived a little late, around 8:00 AM and proceeded to wait and wait and wait. Throughout the day I called the CCIS office three times. Each time I was told that the inspector is still coming today and he should be there soon. 

Finally after 7 hours and 15 minutes of waiting the inspector showed up.  It was 3:15 PM. He basically bull shitted with me for half an hour, rattled the wires around a bit and started to get in his car. Whoa hold up a second I said,  aren’t you going to put a sticker on the panel? He said, yeah if you want one I can put it on. You bet your ass. 

So this is what we get after waiting all day. It’s the electric service inspection sticker and we passed! Now Penelec can cut relocate the electric from the cottage and we can take the roof off. Hooray!


Juniata River - Lookout
At the Lookout waiting on the inspector…


Waiting on the inspector in the front yard.


Downed Verizon Wire
Checking out the downed wire in the woods waiting on the inspector…


Horningford Farm
Waiting on the inspector on Horningford Road…


Dangerous Dan and Superman
Dangerous Dan, Superman and Budgie watching the trains go by waiting on the inspector…


Black Cat
Spying a black cat sneaking up, waiting on the inspector…


Temporary Electric Service Inspection
and here it is the inspection sticker!


Temporary Electric Service Inspection
We passed and now the work can continue.

With the electric service relocated off of the cottage we can begin the kitchen roof demolition in the upcoming Spring.

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