Spring Renovation Start Up

Day #55

May 24, 2019 – It was a long winter with no work but the we are finally ready for our Spring renovation start up! Due to other commitments we are running about a month behind the usual cottage opening date. This weekend, Memorial Day weekend is our first opportunity to roll. Let the renovation begin. 

I packed up my new truck and hit the road around 3:30 PM. When we arrived at the cottage we discovered the lane relocation has been completed. Caution to all our Blistered Palm visitors. The new lane is now open.

My new truck.

To our surprise Ross was waiting in the parking area for our arrival. He had already fielded some questions from the next cottage over and had everything under control. Ross has been officially promoted to “Pre-Season Caretaker” for the Spring renovation start up. Congratulations Ross!

Spring Renovation Start Up – Clearing the tent campsites.

The main focus of the work this weekend is the completion of the temporary electric. Once the electric is back on we can turn on the water and fire up the water heater. With that said, when I turned on the breaker in the temporary panel and tested the receptacle we had no power. Ughhhh!

Spring Renovation Start Up
Meter relocated from the cottage to the temporary service pole.

I placed a outage call to Penn Elec/Met Ed and explained the situation. They dispatched a line truck to troubleshoot the problem. When the repair person arrived the neighbors, from a couple cabins down, came out to see why the truck was blocking the lane. The repairman told us they were just being nosy.

When we opened the temporary panel we immediately identified the problem. The main breaker in this Eaton panel is off to the left side so the first to spaces to the right of the main are not usable. Once we relocated the the 20 amp breaker for the receptacle we had power. Hoo Raw! We are all set to re-energize the Blistered Palm.

By the time the Penn-Elec guy left it was to late in the evening to start on the water system. We will save this fun for tomorrow.

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