Support Column and Kitchen Sub-Floor

Day #58

June 1, 2019 – The corner of the living room, at the old porch connection, was leaking for several years. As a result the wall sheathing and possibly the corner studs in this area have succumbed to rot, mold and mildew. To provide for an open ceiling in the new kitchen, a structural beam will be installed. This beam will span from one side of the cottage to the other. If the stud framing in this corner is rotted it will not be able to support the beam. If this is the case then a new support column will need to be constructed in this corner. We need to open up the walls at this location to assess the situation.

So, the goal for today is to finish the kitchen sub-floor, assess the wall framing in the living room corner and re-construct a new support column if required.

Sub-Floor Installation

Sub-floor panel adhesive
Applying a bead of sub-floor panel adhesive.

Sub-floor nailing

New Support Column

After the completion of the sub-floor we started to expose the rotted out corner of the living room. As you can see in the photographs, it was really rotted! A new support column will be necessary to properly support the new structural beam.

Expose Bad Corner - Support Column
Exposing the rotted out corner.
Rotted Sheathing - Support Column
Rotted exterior wall sheathing.
Rotted Corner Support Column
Exposed corner. Rotted wood.
Exposed Corner - Support Column
Exposed corner. Rotted framing members.
Exposed Corner - Support Column
Rotted framing members removed.

With the rotted framing removed we were able to frame in a new support column and tarp up the house for the night. Tomorrow we construct a massive beam and attempt to lift it into place inside the cottage. I’m hoping for the best.

Support Column
Outside corner of the living room, new support column in place.
Stink Bug Nest
Stink bug nest, part of the reason it stinks so bad….

At the end of the day we accomplished everything that we set out to do. It was a great day!

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