Wall Framing – Kitchen Addition

Day #62

June 9, 2019 – Today we started the wall framing for the new kitchen addition. There is only two new walls but it’s exciting to see it starting to come together!

The first new section of wall framing is along the end of the cottage. This wall will have a window slightly smaller but generally the same configuration as the existing window. The operable panels will be sliding and there will be no divided light grilles.

Kitchen Addition - New Wall Section
First new wall section at the Kitchen addition.

The second section of new wall is along the front of the cottage. It too will have a window similar to the existing window. The window will be located over the kitchen sink and will also be a slider.

Kitchen Addition - New Wall Section
Wall framing along the front of the cottage. Window is located above the kitchen sink.

After the 2×4 stud were in place we covered them over with 5/8 inch plywood wall sheathing. We also covered the window openings to help keep the site secure. They will be cut out when the new windows arrive.

Plywood Wall Sheathing
Plywood wall sheathing installation.
Plywood Wall Sheathiing
View from above – Plywood wall sheathing installation.

At the end of the day we place our tarps back over the roof openings. Rain is in the forecast for next week but hopefully it will stay dry inside.

With the wall framing complete, next weekend I hope to start the roof framing on the new porch at the “Brenda’s Deck” section. Those of you vying for ownership is this prestigious section of the new deck will have to pay close attention for upcoming details.

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