Ridge Beam and Support Column

Day #61

June 8, 2019 – The structural beam is installed and the living room ceiling is supported. It is time to build and install the ridge beam for the kitchen addition. My plan is to have an open ceiling in the new kitchen. To accomplish this feat we need to install a beam to support the roof without transferring any load to the exterior walls.

The large beam we installed last weekend supports the end the ridge beam at the living room. A new 4 × 4 column will support the ridge beam at the center of exterior kitchen wall. Today we will continue any miscellaneous demolition necessary to install the roof support beam.

First we fueled up with some vegan breakfast sandwiches. J U S T Egg, Tempeh, vegan cheddar cheese and a little vegan mayo cooked on the grill in a cast iron skillet. Toasted whole grain bread slices round out the recipe. Many thanks to our Hawaiian Chef!


JUST Egg Breakfast Sandwiches
JUST Egg Breakfast Sandwiches…Umm!
Corner Post Location - Ridge Beam
Exposing the corner to install a new post support column.
Support Detail - Ridge Beam
Support for the existing ridge board at the living room side.
Support Detail
Support detail – Existing ridge board, existing rafter cuts and pocket for new ridge beam.
New Ridge Beam
Kitchen ridge beam and support column framed in place.
New Ridge Beam
Kitchen beam and support column framed in place.

Tomorrow we will begin framing the new kitchen addition walls. The new space is starting to become well defined. Exciting….!

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