Living Room Ceiling Support

Day #60

June 7, 2019 – Not a whole lot going on today. I managed to get the living room ceiling tied back into the new structural beam. We placed a temporary 4×4 post under the living room ceiling to hold it up while we installed the new structural beam. With the ceiling tied back in I removed the 4×4. Voila, there you have it, ceiling support in the living room.

Temporary 4×4 Post
Temporary 4×4 post holding up living room ceiling.
Living Room Ceiling Support Beam
The living room ceiling support beam meets the new structural beam.
Joist Hanger
Installation of a new joist hanger to tie in the living room ceiling to the new structural beam.
Ceiling Jack
Jacking up the living room ceiling to flush it with the bottom of the new structural beam.
Ceiling Support Tied In
Living Room ceiling tied into the new support beam. Temporary post is removed.

Before night fall I was able to get some more demolition done at the gable end of the living room. We are getting closer to tearing out the walls.

Gable End Demo
The gable end is now open and the new structural beam is clearly visible.

Next up is the installation of a new ridge beam to support the new kitchen ceiling.

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