Rebuild of the West End Overhang is Complete!

Day #123

May 30, 2020 – Today’s goal is to complete the rebuild of the overhang on the west end of the old cottage roof. The construction on this overhang started back in November of 2019. When I finish this, it will be a good day!

To accomplish this task, I will have to add two rafters and the associated overhang outriggers underneath the existing oak roof plank . I already have scaffolding set up in this area to work from.

The installation of the first rafter required thru-bolting to the last rafter of the existing roof structure. To do this I tacked the new rafter in place, drilled the bolt holes and installed the thru bolts. To make it easier to tighten the bolts I pushed them into the holes from inside the attic. Once I had them through the existing rafter I was able to tighten them up from the outside.

Rebuild of the West End Overhang is Complete
New rafter tacked in place under the oak roof plank.
A look inside the attic.
A look inside the attic.
1st New Rafter
The first new rafter for the west end overhang bolted in place.

After I bolt the first rafter in place I install the outside gable end rafter. The overhang outriggers are toe-nailed at the cottage side and end-nailed thru the gable end rafter. With the last of the outriggers installed the rebuild of the west end overhang is complete!

Overhang Outriggers
Overhang outriggers installed.
Rebuild of the West End Overhang is Complete!
Rebuild of the West End Overhang is Complete!

To finish up the day I installed some 30 lb roofing paper on the overhang to dry it in. This is the end of the blue tarps. After I rebuild the roof over the closet bump out, it will be time to bring in our roofing contractor to install the new metal roof.

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