Metal Roof Pricing – 2nd Contractor

Day #117

May 1, 2020 – Last Sunday I met with the first roofing contractor. Today, I have an appointment to meet with Sam Fisher of Fisher’s Roofing. We are to meet this morning at 8:30 AM. This is the second roofing contractor that we have solicited for pricing to furnish and install a metal roof on the cottage.

I made a stop at Sheetz but I arrived at the cottage at 8:21 AM. The river was way up to the bottom of the Boob on the Boob Tree. I had to knock down another Robbin’s Nest. It had two eggs in it. I feel bad but they need to find some place else to nest. Stop making bad parenting decisions!

Another Bird Nest
We have another Robin’s nest.
Bird's Nest
Unfortunately, I had to knock it down.
Boob Tree
High water on the river at the Boob Tree.

Sam was a no show at 8:30. I called him at 9:06 AM to see if he was even coming. Of course I got his voice mail.

At that point I was ready to leave but I decided to wait until 9:15 to give him the benefit of the doubt. At 9:15 AM Fisher called me back. He said the he was running an hour behind but he would be there in 15 to 20 minutes. Fisher rolled in about 9:35 AM. He had two children and some other guy with him.

Sam went up on the roof and took the measurements that he needed. We chatted about soffit, fascia, gutter and downspouts. He told me that he would figure furring strips on the back half of the roof because the shingles were still on. Sam said that he could do soffit and fascia but not gutters and downspouts. He is going to email me the pricing for the metal roof on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Despite being late it was a productive meeting. After they left I headed back home. Rob and I are coming back down tomorrow to work.

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