Plywood Roof Decking and Paper Complete!

Day #118

May 2, 2020 – Today I will complete the plywood roof decking and the felt paper for the new porch. There is not a whole lot to finish, but I will feel good when it is done.

Roof Outriggers
Overhang outriggers on the last section.

At the west end of the new porch I left a small portion of the roof decking open because I ran out of time last winter. You can see the outriggers for the overhang in the image above. In the images below the plywood roof decking is done and I am installing the last of the felt paper.

Roof Decking and Roof Paper
Roof decking and roof paper on the last section.
Roof Decking and Roof Paper
Felt paper installation on the last section near the Pavilion.

After this, the only roof sections remaining are the overhang on the old roof, along the back room and the closet extension on the south side of the cottage.

The old roof overhang is on the right side of the gable end shown in the image below. It is not framed correctly and it will be removed and re-framed at a later date.

The closet extension is not shown but there appears to be some rotted in that location. It too will be removed and re-framed.

Cottage West End

Roof Decking and Paper Complete
Roof Decking and Paper Complete.

It’s an awesome day today. The weather was great and I finished the plywood roof decking and paper on the porch roof. We are not spending the night because I have not yet turned on the water. So, home we go.

Check back often for updates. See ya soon.

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