The New Roof Is Installed!

Day #130

June 11, 2020 – The metal was delivered yesterday. Our roofing contractor, D&N Construction, is on site today. So let the installation begin!

Lifting Metal Panels
Lifting the metal panels up to the roof.

The roofers had a three man crew. There was one guy on the ground lifting the metal panels up and two guys on the roof placing and fastening the panels. They showed up around 8:00 AM, took a small break at noon and completed by 3:00 PM. No fooling around with these guys.

Metal Roof Installation
Progress along the porch side of the cottage.

After 70 years, it is understandable that the cottage is out of square. This was not a surprise to me. To make up for the difference, the new panels slightly staggered at the bottom edge. If I didn’t tell you that they are staggered you would never know.

New Roof Backside
New roof on the backside of the cottage.

We left the old shingles on part of the existing roof. The new material warranty requires a layer of protective underlayment between the shingles and the new panels. This underlayment goes over the shingles just before the metal panels.

New Roof Closet Bump Out
Covering the closet bump out.
Roof complete on the backside of the cottage.

After the completion of the metal panels, snow and ice rails follow. Fascia trim completes the installation.

Porch Side
New roof complete on the porch side.

This is a major milestone for our cottage renovation project!. We are permanently dried in under a shiny new roof. Halleluiah!

Next up, seamless gutters and downspouts, furring strips for the porch ceiling installation and electric rough in for the new porch ceiling fans.

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