Porch Ceiling Panel Installation Begins!

Day #131

June 12, 2020 – Yesterday the roofing contractor finished up the metal roof. Today marks the beginning of the installation of the porch ceiling. We choose an aluminum panel similar to the soffit material already installed. There is not much difference between the two panels. The soffit panel is fully vented (lots of tiny vent holes) and the ceiling panel is solid. Both are white in color.

We planned an overhead light in the first porch section so I installed a ceiling heavy duty fan brace and fixture box. Next I fastened 1″×3″ furring strips perpendicular to the ceiling joists. These will serve as nailers for the aluminum ceiling panels.

Fan Brace
Overhead light brace installed.
Furring Strips - Porch Ceiling
Furring strips, overhead light brace and fixture box.
Furring strips for the porch ceiling section one.

As the furring strip installation proceeds, I drop back to cover the porch beams with a pvc board. The J channel for the porch ceiling panels will attach directly to the pvc board making for a clean finish.

PVC Beam Cover - Porch Ceiling
PVC beam cover, furring strips and light rough in.

At the end of the day I have the first porch section ready for the aluminum panels. I hope to get those started tomorrow morning. It feels great to have things finally starting to close in.

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