Vented Aluminum Soffit Installation Begins

Day #125

June 01, 2020 – Over the next several posts I will be installing vented aluminum soffit under the roof overhang. The soffit runs all the way around the cottage. I will try to keep the posts short and hopefully you won’t be bored to death.

During the normal sequence of construction, the soffit installation proceeds the fascia covering. Therefore, if I complete the soffit before the Metal Roofing Contractor arrives they will be able to complete the roofing and the fascia without having to leave. This gets them in and out without delay.

Here we go…. from the north east corner in a counter clockwise direction.

First up, I install a couple of sections of PVC trim boards on the exposed porch beams. We choose Royal Building Products PVC trim for our beam wrap. Next, I fasten Aluminum J Channel to the trim boards. Then I started the the soffit installation.

Soffit Installation
North east corner of the porch roof.
Vented Aluminum Soffit
Vented aluminum soffit, J channel and PVC beam wrap.
New Soffit
Vented aluminum soffit.

This weekend, we stayed at the cottage an extra day so I could start the soffit. I am happy that we did. It is starting to really look good.

Next up, more soffit installation…

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