Accent Wall Continued and New Refrigerator

Day #169

October 1, 2020 – In the morning I continued work on the accent wall. This includes installation of the sound batt insulation followed by the cement board. I am using 1/4″ Hardy Backer Board to try and keep the additional weight load to a minimum.

Just waiting on the refrigerator delivery.

Accent Wall 01

Sound batt insulation is complete in the accent wall.

Accent Wall 02

Photo above, completing the cement board on the accent wall.

Later in the morning the Lowe’s delivery guys showed up with the new refrigerator. I already took the old maggot smelling refrigerator out onto the porch. All they had to do was bring in the new fridge and take away the old one. Simple, right? I even built a ramp up and over the door sill. Much to my surprise they used some heavy shoulder straps to simply carry it in. No need for the ramp. Ah well.

Maggot Smelling Refrigerator 01
Old maggot smelling refrigerator ready to be removed.
New Refrigerator 01
Bright and shiny new refrigerator.

Accent Wall 03

After the refrigerator delivery I was able to complete the sound batt insulation and cement board on the accent wall. Next I will tape the joints and apply a thin coat of thinset mortar. When this dries I will be ready for the tile.

Accent Wall 04
Accent wall closed in and ready for taping and thinset.

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