Beverage Refrigerator is in the House!

Day #172

October 13, 2020 – Over the years we have come to realize that we never have enough refrigeration. For a long time we only have had one refrigerator for all the food and drinks. When Ryan graduated college we brought his small dorm room refrigerator down and placed it on the porch. The only thing that was good for was Arlene’s Jell-O-Shots. For the most part anyone who came and visited had to bring a cooler and constantly restock it with ice. Saturday afternoon became the “ice run day”. When we designed the kitchen, the idea of a separate beverage refrigerator was a no brainer. It was quickly added into the layout.

Well, today is beverage refrigerator delivery day!

Before the delivery truck showed up I worked on some electric rough in underneath the big picture window.

Electric Rough In - Picture Window

Around 3:00 PM the Lowe’s truck pulled in. The delivery guys off loaded the beverage refrigerator and brought it inside. It’s a Premium Levella Beverage Cooler.

Beverage Refrigerator 01

Unfortunately they left before I noticed that the fridge had some damage at the top side panels. From what I gather it looks like it was knocked into something and the side panels got dented.

Beverage Refrigerator 04

Beverage Refrigerator 05

Beverage Refrigerator 06

Beverage Refrigerator 07

I took it apart and discovered that the damage was cosmetic only. The refrigeration unit and piping are in the bottom of the unit. Rather than have Lowe’s pick it up and wait another bazillion months for a replacement I was able to have them issue a discount.

Beverage Refrigerator 02

Bud Light 01

So there you have it. Our new beverage refrigerator is in the house!

Unload the New Wood Stove

Day #170

October 1, 2020 – I’ve been driving around for several days with the new wood stove in the back of my truck. As I wrote earlier, it is a Quadra Fire 4300. I have to unload it so I can haul other materials.

My goal is to roll it off onto the porch. This will keep it out of the weather until we are ready to move it inside.

I was able to rent a pallet jack from Penn Equipment Company. They are located a little north of Lewistown, in Burnham, PA. I picked it up around 8:00 AM, drove back to the cottage, unloaded the wood stove and returned it by 11:00 AM.

Wood Stove 03

Above, I backed up the truck to the porch and constructed a small wooden ramp for the unload.

Wood Stove 04 - Unload

Using the pallet jack, I walked the wood stove right of the back of the truck onto the porch.

Wood Stove 05 - Unload

Unload complete!

Wood Stove 06

Aside from being a little wet, everything else was good. None of the fire brick (lining) were broken and nothing was missing. Once the accent wall tile is complete we will move the stove inside.

Accent Wall Continued and New Refrigerator

Day #169

October 1, 2020 – In the morning I continued work on the accent wall. This includes installation of the sound batt insulation followed by the cement board. I am using 1/4″ Hardy Backer Board to try and keep the additional weight load to a minimum.

Just waiting on the refrigerator delivery.

Accent Wall 01

Sound batt insulation is complete in the accent wall.

Accent Wall 02

Photo above, completing the cement board on the accent wall.

Later in the morning the Lowe’s delivery guys showed up with the new refrigerator. I already took the old maggot smelling refrigerator out onto the porch. All they had to do was bring in the new fridge and take away the old one. Simple, right? I even built a ramp up and over the door sill. Much to my surprise they used some heavy shoulder straps to simply carry it in. No need for the ramp. Ah well.

Maggot Smelling Refrigerator 01
Old maggot smelling refrigerator ready to be removed.
New Refrigerator 01
Bright and shiny new refrigerator.

Accent Wall 03

After the refrigerator delivery I was able to complete the sound batt insulation and cement board on the accent wall. Next I will tape the joints and apply a thin coat of thinset mortar. When this dries I will be ready for the tile.

Accent Wall 04
Accent wall closed in and ready for taping and thinset.

Fire Resistant Accent Wall Preparation

Day #168

September 30, 2020 – I didn’t get back down to the cottage until late in the day, but I was able to start the work on the fire resistant accent wall. Our new Quadra Fire wood stove and hearth pad will sit in front of this wall when it is complete.

Fire Resistant Accent Wall
Sound batt insulation and cement board for the fire resistant accent wall.

The installation of sound batt insulation is progressing and the cement backer board will follow. We have a nice tile picked out for the accent wall but you have to wait for a later post to see that.

I have the wood stove and hearth pad in the back of the truck. Later on in the week I am going to rent a pallet jack and off load them onto the porch. I hope to place them close to the front door. I can get the pallet jack at Penn Equipment Company up in Burnham. They are only a short drive away.

As a bonus Lowe’s of Lewistown is scheduled to deliver out new “counter depth” refrigerator tomorrow. They will be taking the old maggot smelling refrigerator with them when they leave. Oh happy day! All I have to do is remove the sliding glass panel from the front door and everything should pass right through. Until then I’ll continue work on the fire resistant accent wall. Cheers….