Fire Resistant Accent Wall Preparation

Day #168

September 30, 2020 – I didn’t get back down to the cottage until late in the day, but I was able to start the work on the fire resistant accent wall. Our new Quadra Fire wood stove and hearth pad will sit in front of this wall when it is complete.

Fire Resistant Accent Wall
Sound batt insulation and cement board for the fire resistant accent wall.

The installation of sound batt insulation is progressing and the cement backer board will follow. We have a nice tile picked out for the accent wall but you have to wait for a later post to see that.

I have the wood stove and hearth pad in the back of the truck. Later on in the week I am going to rent a pallet jack and off load them onto the porch. I hope to place them close to the front door. I can get the pallet jack at Penn Equipment Company up in Burnham. They are only a short drive away.

As a bonus Lowe’s of Lewistown is scheduled to deliver out new “counter depth” refrigerator tomorrow. They will be taking the old maggot smelling refrigerator with them when they leave. Oh happy day! All I have to do is remove the sliding glass panel from the front door and everything should pass right through. Until then I’ll continue work on the fire resistant accent wall. Cheers….

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