Wall Paneling in the Living Room.

Wall Paneling - Living Room

Day #180 & Day #181

November 7th & 8th, 2020 – We are almost ready for the lay in ceiling installation in the living room. My brother Dave came down last night to make a list of the materials that we need. The focus for this weekend is to finish installing sound batt insulation and wall paneling in the Living Room. Once this is done we will be able to install the ceiling system.

The gallery above shows the progression through the Living Room. The wall paneling installation went pretty smoothly, and by the end of the day, on Sunday, it was complete. The hardest part was moving the miscellaneous tools, bins, tables and chairs around the work area.

With the paneling finished I can now install the floor base, corner molding and window trim. More importantly, we are now ready for the acoustical ceiling system. I have Dave set up for next weekend. It’s going to look nice!

Wall Tile Installation Begins.

Day #175

October 18, 2020 – There is a lot happening today. I am installing more wall paneling, taping and applying thinset mortar to the cement board joints and starting the wall tile installation. Before I got started I had a cup of coffee at the lookout. It’s a foggy morning on the Juniata.

First up. I had one full sheet of the shiplap paneling left so I took down the tv, installed the paneling and then re-installed the tv. This gets it out of the way. My painter should have no problems painting around the bracket.

Multi-tasking 01
Paneling behind the tv. Power outlets and switches.
Paneling 06
Tv re-installed. Switch and outlet cover plates on.

Wall Tile

Next up was the wall tile installation. Since none of the floors in the cottage are level I have to use wood shims to block up both the paneling and the wall tile. This helps to insure that I get plumb paneling joints and level wall tile. It’s a pain in the ass but a necessity.

Wall Tile Installation
Taping the cement board joints and the first row of wall tile.

The cement board I choose is Hardy Backer Board. I used 1/4″ to help reduce the weight of the installation.

Cement Board Joints & Wall Tile

I have a QEP 24 inch Slimline manual tile cutter. It’s a great cutter but the wall tile that we choose mimics horizontal stone. The tile does not have a smooth level face. Each of the “stones” are a different thickness. I learned pretty quickly the I would not be able to use the manual cutter on this tile. On row two I broke a piece cutting it. Rather than continue, risking more breakage, I decided to stop and come back later with a “wet saw”. It’s the best way to cut this sort of tile.

For the curious, the blue painters tape on the floor marks the proposed wood stove location.

Septic Tank Risers Installed on the Tank

Day #171

October 3, 2020 – Well, I will no longer have to dig up the septic tank when we need to have it pumped. Today the Riddle’s installed two septic tank risers over the ports in the septic tank.

When they removed the tarps that I had covering the tank they discovered a big black snake. After it was shooed the riser installation proceeded.

Septic Tank Risers 01

Septic Tank Risers 02

While the risers were being install I re-paneled the interior of the closet bump out. Corner trim will finish this up nicely.

Closet Paneling 01

Closet Paneling 02

Accent Wall Continued and New Refrigerator

Day #169

October 1, 2020 – In the morning I continued work on the accent wall. This includes installation of the sound batt insulation followed by the cement board. I am using 1/4″ Hardy Backer Board to try and keep the additional weight load to a minimum.

Just waiting on the refrigerator delivery.

Accent Wall 01

Sound batt insulation is complete in the accent wall.

Accent Wall 02

Photo above, completing the cement board on the accent wall.

Later in the morning the Lowe’s delivery guys showed up with the new refrigerator. I already took the old maggot smelling refrigerator out onto the porch. All they had to do was bring in the new fridge and take away the old one. Simple, right? I even built a ramp up and over the door sill. Much to my surprise they used some heavy shoulder straps to simply carry it in. No need for the ramp. Ah well.

Maggot Smelling Refrigerator 01
Old maggot smelling refrigerator ready to be removed.
New Refrigerator 01
Bright and shiny new refrigerator.

Accent Wall 03

After the refrigerator delivery I was able to complete the sound batt insulation and cement board on the accent wall. Next I will tape the joints and apply a thin coat of thinset mortar. When this dries I will be ready for the tile.

Accent Wall 04
Accent wall closed in and ready for taping and thinset.

Fire Resistant Accent Wall Preparation

Day #168

September 30, 2020 – I didn’t get back down to the cottage until late in the day, but I was able to start the work on the fire resistant accent wall. Our new Quadra Fire wood stove and hearth pad will sit in front of this wall when it is complete.

Fire Resistant Accent Wall
Sound batt insulation and cement board for the fire resistant accent wall.

The installation of sound batt insulation is progressing and the cement backer board will follow. We have a nice tile picked out for the accent wall but you have to wait for a later post to see that.

I have the wood stove and hearth pad in the back of the truck. Later on in the week I am going to rent a pallet jack and off load them onto the porch. I hope to place them close to the front door. I can get the pallet jack at Penn Equipment Company up in Burnham. They are only a short drive away.

As a bonus Lowe’s of Lewistown is scheduled to deliver out new “counter depth” refrigerator tomorrow. They will be taking the old maggot smelling refrigerator with them when they leave. Oh happy day! All I have to do is remove the sliding glass panel from the front door and everything should pass right through. Until then I’ll continue work on the fire resistant accent wall. Cheers….

Paneling Installation Starts Up

Day #166

September 26, 2020 – Today I got the interior paneling installation started. It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to close up some walls.

The window, electric rough in and insulation are complete at this living room wall, so it seems like a great place to start.

Paneling 01
Paneling installation in the living room.

We are using a panel made from 100% recycled wood. The manufacturer is MURdesign and it is their Shiplap/Orleans panel. We are installing the panels in a vertical direction even though shiplap is usually horizontal. My designer thinks it looks better vertical. What do you think?

Paneling 02

Paneling 03
MURdesign panels
Paneling 04
The paneling installation along the first wall is complete.

This floor in the living room is not level. It bows down near the center of this wall and as a result I have gaps at the bottom of the panels. You can see this in the photo above. Thankfully, the base trim will cover these nicely.

The plan is to continue around the living room moving to the right. The next wall is a fire resistant accent wall. It will have sound batt insulation, cement board and then ceramic tile. We are placing a new wood stove, along with a hearth pad in front of this wall. More details to follow.