Wall Tile Installation Begins.

Day #175

October 18, 2020 – There is a lot happening today. I am installing more wall paneling, taping and applying thinset mortar to the cement board joints and starting the wall tile installation. Before I got started I had a cup of coffee at the lookout. It’s a foggy morning on the Juniata.

First up. I had one full sheet of the shiplap paneling left so I took down the tv, installed the paneling and then re-installed the tv. This gets it out of the way. My painter should have no problems painting around the bracket.

Multi-tasking 01
Paneling behind the tv. Power outlets and switches.
Paneling 06
Tv re-installed. Switch and outlet cover plates on.

Wall Tile

Next up was the wall tile installation. Since none of the floors in the cottage are level I have to use wood shims to block up both the paneling and the wall tile. This helps to insure that I get plumb paneling joints and level wall tile. It’s a pain in the ass but a necessity.

Wall Tile Installation
Taping the cement board joints and the first row of wall tile.

The cement board I choose is Hardy Backer Board. I used 1/4″ to help reduce the weight of the installation.

Cement Board Joints & Wall Tile

I have a QEP 24 inch Slimline manual tile cutter. It’s a great cutter but the wall tile that we choose mimics horizontal stone. The tile does not have a smooth level face. Each of the “stones” are a different thickness. I learned pretty quickly the I would not be able to use the manual cutter on this tile. On row two I broke a piece cutting it. Rather than continue, risking more breakage, I decided to stop and come back later with a “wet saw”. It’s the best way to cut this sort of tile.

For the curious, the blue painters tape on the floor marks the proposed wood stove location.

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