SYP Flooring Installation

Day #174

October 17, 2020 – After finally getting the flooring material, today I started the installation of the SYP flooring. Soon there will be no more felt paper floor in the new kitchen. Yeah!

First I vacuumed off the felt paper and cleaned up the exposed edge of the existing floor. I placed my starter strips right along the old kitchen flooring. Luckily, for the most part there was enough of a tongue left to engage the groove on the new SYP flooring.

SYP Flooring 01

After the starter pieces were nailed, the installation proceeded right to left across the floor. The SYP flooring is pretty soft but it makes a great looking floor.

SYP Flooring 02

I am using a Bostitch pneumatic flooring nailer to fasten the SYP flooring. My cutting station is set up out on the porch. I’m trying to keep the inside sawdust to a minimum.

Pine Flooring 03

SYP Flooring 04

At the end of the day all I had left was a row and a half along the river side of the kitchen. This last bit of flooring gets drilled and face nailed because it it too close to the wall to use the pneumatic nailer.

Pine 02

The key now will be to find a stain or combination of stains to match the existing. We’ll save that for another day.

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