Wet Saw Rental – Wall Tile Continued.

Day #176 & #177

October 24 & 25, 2020 – I’m back this weekend to continue the wall tile, this time with the assistance of a wet saw. Yesterday I picked up Core Cut CC1000T Super Duty Tile Saw from Best Line Equipment in Mechanicsburg. I have a two day rental and I will return it on Monday so I have to get ‘er done!

Wet Saw
Core Cut CC1000T Super Duty Tile Saw

Wall Tile Continued - Wet Saw

With the wet saw set up outside the wall tile installation continued. I didn’t break anymore tile and there were no issues.

Wall Tile - Wet Saw

Wall Tile Almost Complete

I set the top rows off a ladder. It’s always a lot of up and down when working from a ladder but thankfully there weren’t that many rows involved.

Wall Tile Complete - Wet Saw

Each row of tile butts tightly to the next row so there is no grouting required. The wet saw provides for a very straight cut along the ends of the wall.

Living Room Wall Tile
Completed accent wall in the living room.
Gyeem Raj-DuKamar
Gyeem Raj-DuKamar at the Cot-Taj-Mahal.

With the wall tile installation complete I will return the wet saw on Monday. I will have to rent it one more time, in the future, to complete the backsplash above the kitchen countertops. We are using the same tile. It should look awesome. Stay tuned.

Wall Tile Installation Begins.

Day #175

October 18, 2020 – There is a lot happening today. I am installing more wall paneling, taping and applying thinset mortar to the cement board joints and starting the wall tile installation. Before I got started I had a cup of coffee at the lookout. It’s a foggy morning on the Juniata.

First up. I had one full sheet of the shiplap paneling left so I took down the tv, installed the paneling and then re-installed the tv. This gets it out of the way. My painter should have no problems painting around the bracket.

Multi-tasking 01
Paneling behind the tv. Power outlets and switches.
Paneling 06
Tv re-installed. Switch and outlet cover plates on.

Wall Tile

Next up was the wall tile installation. Since none of the floors in the cottage are level I have to use wood shims to block up both the paneling and the wall tile. This helps to insure that I get plumb paneling joints and level wall tile. It’s a pain in the ass but a necessity.

Wall Tile Installation
Taping the cement board joints and the first row of wall tile.

The cement board I choose is Hardy Backer Board. I used 1/4″ to help reduce the weight of the installation.

Cement Board Joints & Wall Tile

I have a QEP 24 inch Slimline manual tile cutter. It’s a great cutter but the wall tile that we choose mimics horizontal stone. The tile does not have a smooth level face. Each of the “stones” are a different thickness. I learned pretty quickly the I would not be able to use the manual cutter on this tile. On row two I broke a piece cutting it. Rather than continue, risking more breakage, I decided to stop and come back later with a “wet saw”. It’s the best way to cut this sort of tile.

For the curious, the blue painters tape on the floor marks the proposed wood stove location.